Monday, 28 October 2013

Check My Draws

Derelict! Imagine a drunk, imagine a building in disrepair and then imagine my sons chest of draws. For the longest time his bedroom has looked like some kind of squat and key to this, apart from his ever expanding collection of limbless super heroes and rarely made bed, were his draws.

Anyone who has ever had to decorate on a budget may too have been tempted by a set of cheap pine draws, ( with metal runners, the devils work) only to have realised the old adage, buy cheap buy twice.

Having dispatched two such sets of draws to the furniture graveyard necessity informed this creation .

All that was needed was a truly undesirable set of draws, at a knock down price, £20 with delivery in this case. Some snazy wrapping paper from Waterstones, ( I have since sourced matching fabric ) some sandpaper, elbow grease and PVA glue. Decoupage and voila!

To decoupage you must create a clean surface to which your paper will adhere. So sand with medium grade sandpaper and wipe down. Allow time for it to dry, apply the glue to the surface of the object being decoupaged, then the paper and over it and apply another layer of glue. For a durable finish add a clear varnish once dry.

Note that the draws do not sit on one another. That kind of arrangement, when over stuffed with kiddie things and regularly left hanging, or slammed closed, falls in on itself like a stack of cards and we're back to squatsville storage

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