Monday, 28 October 2013

Separated At Birth

Imagine the scenario, a posh white woman, of around forty, a goofy version of Liz Taylor, introduces a mixed race child as her daughter. Is she hers might be a reasonable response in 1970s Britain, but in 2013? Well after all the kiddie trafficking stories in the news recently I was reminded of the way people used to respond to me and my mother when she introduced me as her daughter.

We lived in what was then a small, mainly white and very conservative town and the response was always the same; jaws dropped and a look of confusion was quickly replaced with a look of disapproval. Everyone involved shifted about uncomfortably. My mum would insist that I was indeed her child, but as the flush of quiet rage left her cheeks all that remained was a sadness.

I wonder how important looking like each other is? I was told when pregnant with my first child that mother nature makes sure your first born looks like it's father to make sure they stick around. I'm sure there's many a single mum who can testify to that being a crock. That said I suppose if you asked the parents of the child removed from them for having the wrong coloured eyes, it's very important.

      Praise be a mini me!?!

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